Image to illustrate Cut the Mustard Degree Show at the University of Leeds 7 to 22 June 10am to 22 June

In the most uncertain of times, 56 artists graduating from the University of Leeds present the BA Fine Art Degree Show for 2019.

Open to the public: 7 to 22 June
10am to 5pm

Private view: 6 June

We are delighted to have Simeon Barclay opening the show, with a speech from our very own Griselda Pollock.

In the most uncertain of times, people in power seek to constrict, place borders on what comes and who goes.
In the most uncertain of times, the heat is rising and we can’t be sure where we might be, who will challenge this.
In the most uncertain of times, we face increasing threats to the arts; shifts and shapes we’re still making sense of.
But here together, we know this. This shape: a curve, travelling across space, a squiggle revealed in the brightest yellow.

Take this curve. CUT a line through this; it parts, and here now lies a cross section.

This is it. THE moment.

Like us, you’ve mustered the strength to make it this far. We carry with us the notion to surpass the ketchup, painting this town not red, but a blazing yellow, energized and bright. To strive with civil responsibility; seeking to uplift and engage others.
We’ve enjoyed our time; the fruits of our labour sweet like prized Honey Dijon, now presented for all to see. 

Oh yes Leeds, we’ve cut the MUSTARD.

School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies
University Road
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT

We would like to thank the following for supporting this year’s Degree Show: